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Many items of my Oz memorbilia has been lost or stolen over the years. If I had every piece of my collection that I had recieved, I'd have at least 700 items, but that number has since dwindled to a little over 200.

I have been collecting Oz/Judy memorbilia since I was 5 years old. This started with my grandmother. She began to buy things for me to save as investments and now its time.  I've decided to part with most of my Oz collection. I feel bad for it to be sitting in boxes in my grandmother's attic, collecting dust. I'd like for someone to have those things that can appreciate them the way I once did. Some things, like gifts, I will keep, but most of the collection is being sold. I decided to post here before eBay or anywhere else, because I believe that only a true Oz lover could these items the care that I did. To tell you the quaulity of these items i have used astericks. **** means that the item is in mint condition.


The Making of the Wizard of Oz: 60th Anniversary Edition ****
The Wizard of Oz: Sing A Long Book ****
Wizard of Oz on Ice: Tin Man figurine **
Wizard of Oz: Napikin set- sealed ****
Wizard of Oz: Barbie as Dorothy (2000) **
Wizard of Oz: Ken as the Scarecrow (2000) **
Wizard of Oz: 50th Anniversary Dorothy Doll- sealed ****
Now Playing TCM Guide: Wizard of Oz premiere ****
Dept. 56 (SnowBabies): "I have a feeling..." Dorothy figure ***
WB Studio Store: Wizard of Oz 16oz. cup ****
Wizard of Oz party invitations- sealed ****
Wizard of Oz VHS (last MGM version) **
We're off to See the Wizard: Music box ***
Wizard of Oz: Tommy as Lollypop Boy ****
Wizard of Oz calendar: 2002 ***
Wizard of Oz calendar: 2003 ***
TV Guide: Wizard of Oz- Tinman Cover ****
Wizard of Oz: Yellow Brick Road game- sealed ****
The Wizardry of Oz Book ****
Wizard of Oz: Girl's Underwear- Sealed ****
Wizard of Oz: Gummy friends Tin ***
Wizard of Oz: Lollipop Tin ***
Celebrity Bears: Dorothy ****
Wizard of Oz Trivia Game ***
Wizard of Oz: Over the Rainbow puzzle- sealed ****
Wizard of Oz: I haven't got a Brain puzzle- sealed ****
The Wizard of Oz By L. Frank Baum (1950's print) ***
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Book (1956 Rare) ****
The Wizard of Oz: Illustrated by Greg Hilterbrand (1st edition) ****
Wizard of Oz: 60th Anniversary Deluxe Box-set
(Script, video, and photos included) ***
The Munchkins of Oz: 3rd Edition ***
The Wizard of Oz: Commretive Pop-up ****
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 100th Anniversary Edition ****
The Wizard of Oz MGM Soundtrack- sealed ****
Behind the Moon: The Wizard of Oz on theWB mini poster (RARE) ****
Wizard of Oz magnet set, Poppy Field, Dorothy&Toto,Glinda,Scarecrow- sealed ****
Tommy & Kelly Playset: Wizard of Oz Limited Edition- sealed ****
Wizard of Oz Character Sticker Sets- sealed ****
Wizard of Oz Bookmark: Dorothy- sealed ****
Hallmark: Dorothy Meets the Lion- sealed ****
Hallmark Minitures: The Ruby Slippers ***
Wicked Witch Bobble Head Figure ***
Pair of Replica Ruby Slippers ****
WB Studio Store: Over the Rainbow ornament ***
WB Studio Store: Wizard's Balloon ornament *
Wizard of Oz: Musical Watch/Over the Rainbow- boxed ***
TV Guide: Wizard of Oz Airing Promo ****
Wizard of Oz: 50th Anniversary Placemats (set of 2) ****
Muppets' Wizard of Oz Promo Poster ****
Tin Man resin figurine by Enesco ****                                                                          
The Wizard of Oz: 60th Anniversary DVD **
Marvelous Land of Oz (Animated DVD) ***
Emerald City of Oz (VHS) **
The Oz Series: Road to Oz, Land of Oz, Dorothy & Wizard in Oz, Ozma of Oz, Emerald City of Oz, the Lost Princess of Oz, and of course, the Wizard of Oz ****
WB: Wizard of Oz: Limited Edition Monoply ***
The Wizard of Oz: Movie poster Afghan throw ****
The Wizard of Oz: Disneyland Records(1969)- selaed ****

If there's something you're looking for and it's not listed, contact me. I have many more Oz items. Continue down for more veiws of my collection.

This is a photo of most of my collection, as of 2003, it has grown a great deal since.

All the items you see here are for sale, as an entire collection, or just pick up a peice or two... To order, visit the contact page.