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Recreating Legends!

Probably the most recognizable pieces of memorbilia  in film history. Thanks to Oz's annual arings on TV, the film has been said to be, "the most seen movie of all time". If that's true, then the former is also. Much has been said about these "slippers", and their history really started in the 70's, when the first pair was dicovered. Dozens of auctions, new discoveries and even frauds have filled the papers since the infamous MGM auction of 1970. Today they're are a total of 5 pairs known to exsist with 2 more possibly out there.... Imagine! The dream of a life time, came true when I took a trip to Washington D.C. and got to see the REAL slippers.The feeling is indescribable.

It was only a couple years ago when I was searching the internet and found that people made "replica" pairs of Ruby Slippers. I was 13. I thought, some of them, looked so wonderful and truly lookied like the originals, and I thought... I can do that. My first pair have since fallen apart! They were a size 8 (the only high heels I could find!), the sequenes were loosley glued on and the bows, ugh, but I was proud of them, considering that I had tought myself to do it. I gave them to my mother for Mother's Day and when she retrieved them from storage a few days ago, they were basically nothing! The second pair I made, I tried harder and had learned from my first pair... slighty. This time they were size 6 1/2-7 and I painted the insides yellow, since I couldn't find any that came that way... I also decided to do my own bow design and gave these to my grandmother as a Christmas present. She loved them so much that she bought a case for them and some emerald green silk to place at the bottom.


Since then, I've sold six pairs of slippers on eBay, usually ranging between 40 and 50 dollars, depending on size and cost of supplies. Contact me with any interest.



My latest pair of Ruby Slippers. Completed 2-28-04.




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