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On this page you'll find a list of "bloopers" found in the Wizard of Oz, the infamous 'munchkin suicide' and dark revelations of the 'Dark Side of Oz'...



Throughout the entire film, the length of Dorothy's hair changes, getting longer & shorter all the time.

--Near the beginning, when Dorothy is balancing on the fence, watch Zeke on the right. He picks up a bucket of feed & starts to pour some out. Notice the amount in the bucket before the next shot. In the next shot, the feed amount has dropped from being almost 3 quarters to almost empty.

--After Zeke is scared by the pigs, he runs out. Hickory & Huck walk up & taunt him. Watch Hickory on the far right. He's patting his face with a rag, holding it in his right hand. In the next shot, Hickory's hands are down & the rag is now in his left hand.

--Aunt Em gives Dorothy a cruller. Dorothy doesn't take a bite out of it. Watch as Em is walking away, Dorothy holds up the unbitten cruller. In the next shot, the cruller has a bite out of it.

--When Dorothy is hit by the window, you can tell the glass in the windows is actually plastic wrap by the way it bubbles out.

--When Dorothy first walks out into Oz, a front shot of her shows her holding her basket & Toto. Just before the shot cuts, Dorothy grabs Toto with both her hands. Next shot, & now Dorothy's right hand is stretched out to her right.

--Dorothy stops in front of the bridge. She turns & spins to her left & ends up facing a fountain just before it cuts to the next shot. Next shot & she's facing the other way towards some bushes & flowers.

--As Glinda tells the Munchkins to come out, she's holding her wand horizontal to the ground. The next shot, as she starts to sing "Come Out", & her wand is now vertical at her side.

--The Witch meets Dorothy, & is just about to leave when she says, "Just try to stay out of my way." Notice her broom handle is pointing down when she says this. Next shot, & the handle is now pointing up behind her back.

--As the Witch takes off in the smoke, we see the trap door open & the smoke come pouring out before the Witch ever reaches her spot. You can actually see the door in the smoke.

--You can see the Witch is being lowered into the trap door because her hat & broom lower into the smoke.
Thanks to Boredincava for this blooper.

--Not really a blooper but fun to look for anyway. Just before sending Dorothy on her way down the yellow brick road, Glinda kisses Dorothy's forehead, she pulls her wand back and hits her crown. You can even hear it.
Thanks to Emily Plummer for this blooper.

--When the Scarecrow & Dorothy first meet & he says, "Oh, I'm not feeling at all well. You see it's very tedious being stuck up here all day long with a pole up your back." & his next line when it cuts back to him, his mouth is moving nowhere near to what is heard. It's funny though that Dorothy's voice matches up.

--As the Scarecrow sings the final line in "If I only had a brain", he doesn't mouth it at all.

--Right after the tree hits the Scarecrow with the apple, if you look quick, you can see on the right side of the screen that Dorothy is wearing her black shoes, not the ruby slippers.
Thanks to Emily Plummer for this blooper.

--As the trees are throwing apples at Scarecrow & Dorothy, when the Scarecrow exclaims, "Hooray, I guess that did it!", his mouth isn't moving once again.

--When the Scarecrow & Tin Man snap their fingers after the Witch throws fire at Scarecrow, look at the Tin Man, the funnel on his head is facing the wrong way. Then it cuts away & when it cuts back, the funnel is right again.

--The first time Dorothy says, "Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh MY!", by herself, she doesn't mouth the words "Oh My!"

--At the first sight of the Emerald City, a view of our heroes from the back shows Scarecrow & Tin Man far apart from each other, with Dorothy between them. In the next shot from the front, notice now The Scarecrow & Tin Man are next to each other with Dorothy standing in front of them both.

--When they're running through the poppy field, Dorothy is right behind The Lion. Next shot & Lion & what's behind him can be seen, but Dorothy is nowhere in sight!

--When Dorothy passes out in the poppies, a closeup shot of Tin Man shows him with a tear of oil running down his cheek. Next shot however, & the oil tear is gone.

--Sometimes the wire that's holding the Lion's tail up can be seen. Most noticeably when he sings, "If I Were King of the Forest".

--The Tin Man takes a pot & breaks it with his axe, to make a crown for Lion. Tin Man reaches up & places it on his head, his hand still holding it. Next shot, & the Tin Man's hand is gone from holding it.

--Same scene, notice the shape of the crown when he places it on his head. It's points are all uneven & crappy looking. Yet when it cuts to the next shot (the same shot with the blooper #19), the crown's points are even & perfect. Then when it cuts back, the crown is uneven again.

--The Wizard's guard apppears & scares everyone, knocking the crown off Lion's head. Watch as this piece of "ceramic" bounces on the ground.

--Dorothy's telling her sob story & makes the guard cry. Look in the closeup & you can see that his eyebrows are wet. Obviously, his tears are being pumped from above.

--When they enter the Witch's forest, Scarecrow is holding a gun. It's obviously made of rubber, because it bounces & jiggles.

--Lion says, "I do believe in spooks. I do believe in spooks. I do, I do, I do, I do.." In the next shot, when he's seen saying it in the Witch's crystal ball, it's the same piec of film from the previous shot.

--When the Flying Monkeys land in the forest, the three monkeys in the front land 4 times from 4 different angles.

--The Scarcrow says to Tin Man, "They tore my legs off & threw them over there." But his legs are right there underneath him, not where he points.

--When Dorothy is first seen in The Witch's castle, she jumps toward the monkey with the basket. Watch her hands, she has them spread out. Next shot, she's holding her hands together.

--Keep your eye on the hourglass. When it's last seen here, before the other heroes are seen, remember the level of sand in it. Later on, when the three are at the door, the hourglass is seen again. The level of sand is the same as it was about 10 minutes ago.

--When Lion & Tin Man are climbing the cliff & Tin Man is holding Lion's tail, a large pad or support is clearly seen under Lion's costume.

--When the guards come from behind our heroes on the cliff, watch Lion's mouth. It doesn't move with the "Ga-ga-ga" noises he's making.

--When the three run up to the door to save Dorothy, they're wearing the guard's disguises they stole. Tin Man immediately starts to chop the door. Then when Dorothy runs out of the room, somehow all of their disguises are off.

--When the Witch is killed, the guards start to say, "Hail to Dorothy!", notice Lion is standing in front of Tin Man. Next shot, & Lion is behind Tin Man. Next shot, he's now in front of Tin Man again.

--When Toto pulls aside the curtain to show the real Wizard, the Wizard says, "Pay no attention to the man..." As he says this, he's not facing the microphone that alters his voice, yet his voice is altered nevertheless.

--When Scarecrow says, "What about the heart for Tin Man & the courage for Lion?", notice the position of our four heroes. From the left it's Tin Man, Scarecrow, Dorothy & Lion. Then after Tin Man & Lion say, "And Scarecrows brain?" , it cuts. Now their positions have changed to Tin Man, Dorothy, Lion & then Scarecrow! This is so obvious, I'm surprised I never caught it before.

--It's obvious that Tin Man unties the balloon on purpose.

--When Dorothy first appears back home, in the tight closeup, notice her right ponytail is on her chest. In the next shot, it's now on her shoulder.

--In the same scene, Dorothy sits up. When she lays back down, her ponytail goes behind her body. However, whenever the camera cuts to another shot, her hair is in front again & then back again. This happens a few times.

The I n f a m o u s Scene

In the scene when Dorothy, Scarecrow & Tinman set off down the yellow brick road, after a deadly threat from the Wicked Witch, in the background you can see a munchkin hang himself from the tree.

This is a rumor that's been going around far too long. It's also said to be a woman hanging herself because she didn't get the part of Dorothy. Considering no one knew Oz would become such a classic, I think you can rule that out. Now, lets try to clear this up right now. The "body" swinging in the back, is an emu or ostrich type bird, lowering it's head & then spreading it's wings. It looks nothing like a person hanging from a tree at all. Personally I don't understand how someone could see this as a munckin commiting suicide..... I guess 'the discovery' must've been during the 'acid' riden 60's, lol!



For years there has been an on-going rumor that Pink Floyd's classic album, Dark Side of the Moon, is basically an alternate soundtrack for the Wizard of Oz. People claim that there are MANY synchronocities between the film and the album. It's said that if you start Dark Side of the Moon, immediatly after the third roar from the MGM lion, that amazing match-ups will occur. I myself have yet to try this, but am very curious about it. I doubt that it was intentional. There are many reasons why, including the fact that when Pink Floyd made this album, the Wizard of Oz was not on video yet, so they could'nt have watched it to match it to their album. I think it's merely coincidence, but none the less, here are some of the supposed "syncs"...



The lyric "balanced on the perfect wave" occurs just as Dorothy is balancing on the pigsty fence. "...balanced on the biggest wave" as Dorothy balances on the fence, which leads into "On The Run" as she falls off the fence.

Chimes and bells sound just as Elmira Gulch appears on her bicycle.

During the "Time" guitar solo the fortune teller sign appears, reading "past, present & future." The fortune teller tells Dorothy that she needs to go home as the lyrics play, "home, home again. I'd like to be there when I can".

"The Great Gig in the Sky" begins with the scene change to the tornado. The tornado is seen in the background just as the words "and I'm not frightened of dying" is heard.

When the window knocks Dorothy out, the wailing vocal subsides. "Great Gig in the Sky" is playing as the house is airborne.

The cash register in "Money" is heard just as the color of Oz is seen.

The ballerina Munchkins enter on the lyric "". One ballerina appears to lip sync the words "ordinary men"

The Lollypop Guild Munchkins enter on the lyric "". The Lollypop Guild's head motions synch with the music.

Dorothy turns to face forward on the lyric "forward he cried."

The Witch's appearance occurs on the lyric ""

On "" we cut to Dorothy, who of course is wearing blue.

On the words "and who knows which is which and who is who", we see the Wicked Witch of the West looking at the dead feet of the Wicked Witch of the East.

For "up..up..up", the Witch is on top of a ramp; on "down..down.. down..", she is walking down. "And in the end", the dead Witch disappears.

"Out..out..out", Good Witch Glinda exits in a bubble.

The song "Brain Damage" is played as the scarecrow sings "If I Only Had a Brain."

The heartbeat heard at the end of the album coincides with Dorothy listening to the Tin Man's heart.

For more insight into the Darkside of Oz, click on the following link:


Photo at right produced by Wayne Miller, site creator. (2004).